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Baitrunner - Shimano

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The ocean is like a washing machine. The anchovies are laughing at you from the recesses of the bait tank, standing is an exercise in futility and you see rain on the horizon. While this scene has all the makings of a nightmare, Shimano designed the baitrunner to cope with such an evil situation. The Baitrunner II has the innate flexibility to allow beautiful casts or fly-lining live bait. You can even use the Baitrunner II for big freshwater species. Shimano's power roller, a special line roller, reduces lines twist arising from repeated casting and retrieving up to 50 percent. Fluidrive II brings to Shimano spinning reels the highest tolerances and upmost control in the gear cutting process, meaning added smoothness and increased sensitivity. Fluidrive II features a large master gear polished via a wrapping process, making winding smooth and effortless. Shimano's Dynabalance feature eliminates spinning reel wobble by counterbalancing the rotor to enhance sensitivity and smoothness. The computer balancing process, similar to car tire balancing, redistributes rotor weight to creates smooth rotation and eliminate vibration. The SuperStopper II one-way roller bearing prevents any back play in the handle for rock-solid hooksets. Last, but far from least, Shimano's baitrunner lever provides a secondary drag system which allows the reel to feed out line tension controlled free spool with the bail closed. This feature enables an angler to feed line out and lets the fish take the bait and run while still maintaining line control by having the bail closed. To engage the primary drag and set the hook simply turn the reel handle or flip to the ''Baitrunner Off'' position and the fight is on! For dropping bait back to fish from your boat, working the jetties for stripers and even certain freshwater fishing situations, the Baitrunner II provides the serious angler with an ultimate fish catching advantage.