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Bigua Gold - Zagaia Lures

by Zagaia
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$ 8.99
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color: Black/Blue/Silver
size: 80 mm

The new Zagaia Lures artificial baits with distinctive design, strength and efficiency are the main attributes of the Zagaia Gold series, responsible for the acceptance of the most demanding fishermen. The series innovated the concepts in high-quality artificial baits using state-of-the-art technology, research, and strict quality control, ensuring excellent results in capturing various predator fish specimens.

New holography and differentiated colors reproduce the design and the brilliance of scales. Realistic baits similar to small fish enjoyed by the most coveted predatory fish in sport fishing.
Equipped with high strength carbon steel studs, in red color, it increases the resistance to corrosion and provides greater attractiveness, and reinforced fixation system, being a python made of stainless steel, being fixed the bait, this by ultrasound technology, which allows a perfect union and resistant to loads of up to 61lb.

Another great release of Zagaia Lures®, Biguá Gold came to accompany the new models of the series, 8.0cm and 9g, ideal size for Tucunarés, Sea Bass, Traíras, among other predators, efficient work of Floating ), swimming erratically when with rhythmic touches, its distinctive design combines a special hydrodynamics to this incredible bait that promises to make the difference of your fish! Zagaia Lures®, advanced engineering, innovating the sport fishing!


  • Model: Bigua Gold 80 (36)
  • Size: 5.7cm 
  • Weight: 9g
  • Action (Job Type): Floating Half-Water
SKU C029
UPC 7898615430595