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Bill Collector Trolling Lure - JAW Lures

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$ 58.00
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  • Pre-rigged
  • Run perfectly out of the bag
  • Irresistible to marauding Billfish, Tuna and Bull Mahi
  • Luminous head, for the ultimate attraction, a must for dusk & dawn Marlin fishing
  • Advanced flat faced head with 2 XL bubble holes
  • Double skirted 12” skirts
  • 300lbs AFW-HiSeas leader
  • Double stainless steel Lucky Joe's hookset size 10/0 
  • 7” JAW skirt in front chased by our 12" flat faced hard resin head
  • XL realistic eyes
  • Comes in our camo blue mesh lure bag

Our lures are designed and assembled in the fishing capital of the world, Miami., FL. Brilliant colors, double skirted skirts, hard resin head with two XL bubble holes, leaving the perfect smoke trail behind. One skirt chasing the other, creating an aggressive marauding effect like no other lure. , A natural marauding instinct is triggered. Raise fish and catch fish that would not take any other bite but just cant resist to join the chase. The resin head pushes a lot of water causing a disturbance irresistible to marauding Billfish and also larger Tuna. 

    We added our stainless steel and double size 10/0 hookset to ensure you never lose a fish. 

    • 2 size 10/0 Lucky Joes 7691S hooks
    • Knife edge point
    • Super sharp 
    • Hooks are made of xtra strong stainless steel
    • Made with premium grade adhesive material for stiffness and extra strength
    • Holds up to countless strikes from hard-fighting fish