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Flat Face 1.5oz - GT Ice Cream

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Color: White
Each Flat Face is individually handmade and indestructible. It is perfect for jetty fishing off the rocks; the plug won't break. The Flat Face was developed to counter the effect of strong cross-winds that can send a lure skipping across the surface at the end of a large bow in the line, making them difficult for the fish to see. The Flat Face has a slightly flatter cross-section providing more surface slap, rather than the square of the Needle Nose and Skinny. It also has a chopped off nose giving it the flat face which provides better water holding in the wind and a lot more noise and action.
  • Designed for long casts and fast retrieves.
  • Dynamic weight system ensures the plug swims on it's belly
  • Aerodynamic back section Designed for super long casts
  • Very effective off the beach, and boat for all game fish species
  • Excellent choice for: Tuna, Jacks, GT's, Omilu, Bluefish, Stripers, Albies, Yellowtail, Roosters, Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel, Wahoo and many more.
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