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Gold Stick - Zagaia Lures

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$ 7.99
color: Gold/Silver

A holographic system that makes the lure to be very similar to a real fish.

• 5x reinforced treble hook, made of high-strength carbon steel
• Redcoat in treble hooks, ensuring corrosion resistance and greater attractiveness by simulating an injured fish
• A holographic system that simulates scales of a fish
• Single piston made of stainless steel holds up to 99lbs

Indication of fish:
Aruanã, Bicuda, Traíra, Trairão, Tucunaré, Anchova, Badejo, Olhete, Olho de Boi, Sororoca.

How to use:
Execute short pullings with soft touches, so that the lure is submerged for a moment and then return to the surface. Attracts predatory fish by simulating a small fish struggling to breathe. With longer and faster pullings you can work on the sub-surface as ‘twitch bait’ (or erratic swimming).

  • Weight 4/5oz
  • Length 4,1in