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Rigging Flange and Hose - T-H Marine

$ 14.99
  • An excellent system to protect cables and wiring from dirt, abrasion, sun and water.
  • The rigging flange serves to connect the rigging hose, which comes from the engine, to the boat.
  • The molded polypropylene flange is internally threaded to retain rigging hose and to make rigging adjustment simple.
  • The back side of the flange is textured to allow inverted mounting.
  • Our rigging hose is durable, flexible and kink resistant.
  • Rigging flange kit featuring black rigging flange with 4' of black rigging hose.
  • Black Rigging Flange, Fits 2" Rigging Hose
  • Mfg Part Numb. RF-1-DP