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Wahoo Candy & Shock Leader

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This tournament quality Wahoo trolling lure comes pre-rigged and is pre-tuned right out of the bag. We ensure a true troll right from day one. Just like all our lures, they run perfectly smooth at any speed. 

This lure is perfect for marauding Wahoo and Kingfish alike The hard resin head is clear and has black beeds centered within. 

No matter your trolling speed or how choppy the water, these lures will never let you down. Hand rigged, unparalleled in quality and performance. No worries about selecting the right color, our selection saves you time and money. Superb swimming action right out the bag. Never tangle, no rigging needed. Designed by fishermen for fishermen. For the real offshore aficionado!

  • Pre-rigged & Pre-tuned run perfectly out of the bag
  • Irresistible to marauding Wahoo 
  • 12" double skirted and advanced 3" hard crystal torpedo head
  • 480 lbs AFW HiSeas 49 strand cable steel leader, 32” long
  • 9/0 Lucky Joes double hookset
  • Includes Camo Mesh Lure Bag
  • These lures are traditionally trolled with a cigar lead added in front of the Shock Leader

Wahoo Shock Leader

Our NEW High Speed Trolling Leader is designed to withstand the pressure off  pulling heavy lures at speeds of ten knots or more and minimize impact of the high speed bite. Troll with or without a cigar lead. 

  • 20 ft Length
  • 300 lbs AFW HiSeas leader material
  • 2 AFW Ball-Bearing Tournament Snap Swivel