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Fishing Topwater Frog Lures

Fishing Topwater Frog Lures

Watching a fish blow up a topwater is very exciting. When a fish hits a topwater they are not passively gulping an easy meal; they’re trying to kill that bug, frog, rodent or fish that’s struggling on top. Throwing a topwater bait is like a dinner bell for big bass and other predatory fish looking out for a good sized meal. Jump frogs are designed and weighted for long, accurate casting with unique retrieve action. When it comes to action nothing beats a Jump Frog.

Topwater jump frogs can be a very useful addition to your bass lures arsenal. Farang Ba Creations, topwater frog lures, come with custom weed guards which provide a high level of protection in the deepest cover and snaggy areas. Hand-carved wood body built to fish heavy cover and structure! The weed-guards allow you to cast with confidence into the tightest spots where the big bass prefer to hang out. All Farang Ba Creations frogs come rigged with Mustad or Gamakatsu double hooks. The rubber skirt tail pulses and moves in the water like frogs legs.

Think Like A Frog

When fishing a topwater frog lure scope out places that look froggy. Think like a frog. Deep, heavy cover like high grass and lily pads are good starting points. Cast your frog on the bank and flip it into the water. Let it sit on the back for two seconds and bounce it into the water. Once in the water give it 10 seconds and then reel. This technique mimics a frogs behavior. That's how you match the hatch when fishing a frog.

Drop-offs are always productive for finding fish. Find a drop-off with cover nearby and reel towards it. Lily pads near a drop-off are strike magnets. Flip your frog across the lilypads, over the drop-off and back onto the pads.

Wait For It

Watch your lure closely strikes will be sudden and explosive. Keep calm don't react by setting the hook too early. Wait till you can feel the weight of the fish. It will take some time getting used to the hookset timing.

Kikker Rubber Frog
The toughest soft plastic you could throw. Great for when you need to get your bait it the strike zone a little deeper with a frog profile. check out the pre-rigged rubber frog

TNT 6.5
Larger bait for further casting can be fished like a popper. check out the largest jumpfrog

ERF Jump Frog
Internal rattles and tight dribble produces great vibrations to get them going. check out the rattle fog

ET Camo Scumfrog
For heavily matted and deep vegetation, this lure can be twitched over pretty much anything and not get snagged. check out the scum frog

EJF Jump Frog Peacock Series
Tight dribble and splashes with a peacock bass pattern. check out the peacock pattern

EJF Micro Jump Frog
Never underestimate a small bait. Match the hatch during the fry months. check out the smallest jumpfrog 

Hammerhead Jump Frog Your go to weedless jumpfrog. check out the hammerhead jumpfrog 

Killer Blade Killer Blade Spinner Bait
Great scouting bait with a wire frame twice as thick as your average spinner bait. check out the toughest spinner bait ever created

Extreme Buzzbait 2
Great for scouting and covering lots of water stays on the surface when reeling. check out the most extreme buzzbait

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