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Reel Inspection Service in Miami

Keep your reels ready to fight

Keep your reels ready to fight

Most reels will last a lifetime if you give them some tender love and care.

Don't let your fishing reels get consumed by rust, salt and grime.

Reel exterior & internals are thoroughly inspected

Gears & Drag
Internals are inspected for wear & gunk build up. Drag washers are inspected for thinning and cracking.

Ball Bearings
Ball bearings are inspected for surface rust, wear, cleanliness & smoothness.

Frequently Asked
Some frequently asked questions and answers.
How long does the reel inspection take?
The reel inspection takes 1-2 business days.

Why should I get my reel serviced?
Fishing reels should be serviced once every season at a minimum. Having us inspect and service your reel, protects your investment.

My reel cranks smoothly but is noisy?
Ball bearings get noisy from normal wear, moisture and dirt buildup. If servicing the reel does not improve the noise, it is best to replace the bearings.

I have been using my reel for over a year now and it works great. Should I have it serviced?
Have your reel service in order to keep it smooth and powerful. Don't wait til it's bogged down by grime buildup and needs new ball bearings.

My reel feels sluggish and tight, is it worn out?
Dirt buildup, old grease, too much grease all are possible reasons you feel resistance when cranking your reel. It needs to be inspected, cleaned and fresh lubed.

What is included in my free inspection?
Your reel is inspected externally and internally for proper operation with attention to any use observations you have made.


Gears can become rough, noisy and bind from grime build up and regular wear and tear. Fortunately they can be replaced.


The drag system on your reel could become jerky, slip stick and overall not feel smooth. A malfunctioning drag could loose fish.


Your reels spool could bend or distort over time from accidental damage. Other issues could be noise when casting or not free spooling.


Damaged bails are one of the most common issues with spinning reels. If your bail is broken, bent or will not trip, we can fix it.

Anti Reverse

If your anti reverse is not engaging your reel handle could spin backwards. If it is slipping you may not notice until its too late and you're on a fish.


Clutch thumb bars could malfunction and not engage or disengage. A good service could get them running smooth again.

Form Happy Customers

I keep my reels for a long time. I have them serviced every year to keep them smooth and ready for fishing.


My reels were inspected and serviced quickly on a short notice. Just in time to head to Bimini for a fishing trip. Luis father and son were great. I will bring my reels again.

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