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There’s nothing quite like making that perfect catch, but it takes precision and patience to do right. Something that’s vital to that process are lures, which is why customers buy our fishing lures to have an edge up on the competition. Picking a lure to use is not an easy process, as there are countless options to pick from. This is why we do what we can to make our collection of lures diverse. Lures are a type of artificial bait designed to get the attention of larger predator fish. With the right fishing lures in your arsenal, these bigger, more desirable fish can be yours to catch. We want to make this fun for you, so check out what we have to offer and buy fishing lures here.

2 Results

Extreme Buzzbait 2

Farang Ba Creations

$ 10.99

Unit price

5 colors
  • Blue

Buzz Toad - War Eagle

War Eagle

$ 6.99

Unit price

2 colors, 2 sizes
  • 3/8 oz
  • 1/2 oz