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2022 Exist LT Spinning Reels - Daiwa

by Daiwa
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Model: EXIGLT5000D-C

The new EXIST family features an all-new EXIST Air Drive System with ZAION Air Drive Rotor, Air Drive Bail, Air Drive Spool, and Air Drive Shaft. Thanks to ZAION, the new EXIST Air Drive Rotor is 15% lighter, features a screw-less design, flush surface, and greatly increased rigidity. The design eliminates design waste without reducing strength.

But the largest benefit to the AIR DRIVE ROTOR is the lighter rotation providing you less handle turning resistance. Working in conjunction with the AIR DRIVE ROTOR is the AIR DRIVE SHAFT which offers better stability and power transfer; it also works with the rotor for smoother, easier rotations. It allows you to feel absolutely nothing when turning the handle—it could be the smoothest rotation in any spinning reel ever built. The Air Drive Bail is lighter and angled allowing seamless transition to the line roller. On to the Air Drive Spool, it’s considerably lighter in weight than comparable reels. The new redesigned clicker in the spool reduces click resistance, creating smoother and much more efficient drag. The reel also offers Daiwa’s Advanced Tournament (ATD) system for a maximum of 22 pounds of drag pressure in the 3000, 4000, and 5000 sizes. The 2000 and 2500 sizes offer 11 pounds of drag for light, feathery drag adjustment.


  • 90mm Crank handle
  • Hi-Grip I shape knob
  • Light/Tough magnesium monocoque body
  • Light/Tough Zaion Air Rotor
  • Aluminum alloy muchine-cut durable digigear
  • Magsealed body and line roller
  • Long cast ABS spool
  • Air bail
  • Twist buster 2
  • High lever water resistance construction
  • Made in Japan
UPC 043178167397
ModelBearingsGear Ratio LowLine Per Crank (in)Weight (oz)Mono CapacityBriad CapacityHandle Knob StyleMax Drag (lb)
EXIGLT2000D-P10CRBB, 2MSBB, 1RB4.924.15.34/250, 6/1606/320, 8/200Eye-Knob Handle11
EXIGLT2500-XH10CRBB, 2MSBB, 1RB6.234.55.66/160, 8/1108/200, 10/170T-Grip Handle11
EXIGLT3000D10CRBB, 2MSBB, 1RB5.230.66.210/280, 12/22015/250, 20/220T-Grip Handle22
EXIGLT4000D10CRBB, 2MSBB, 1RB5.232.57.110/360, 14/25010/260, 14/250T-Grip Handle22
EXIGLT5000D-C10CRBB, 2MSBB, 1RB5.234.57.514/280, 20/18030/230, 40/160Power Handle22