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Common Shiner - LiveTarget

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Color: Silver/Blue
Since shiners inhabit many of the same waters as bass, the LIVETARGET Common Shiner Swimbait is a useful tool for catching bass across the Country and around the World. Delivering a perfect anatomical representation designed to confuse bass into thinking it is the real thing, its precise profile, oscillating tail, and medium sink rate combine forces to make it one of the most deadly swimbaits available.

Crafted with a strategically placed top dorsal fin that not only adds to Common Shiner’s lifelike appeal, it also acts as a weed guard to protect the Common Shiner’s exposed hook from hanging up on vegetation or hard structures. Outfitted with an extra wide gap hook that sits in a lower profile position, this design preserves its weedless capabilities and also offers a much greater hookup ratio over a traditional weedless swimbait. Available in multiple sizes and colors to accurately “match the hatch,” the LIVETARGET Common Shiner Swimbait is deadly on any body of water that is co-inhabited by bass and shiners.

LIVETARGET has combined nature’s best with modern technology to create an exciting new collection of swimbaits. Available in common forages, the new LIVETARGET Swimbait Series is designed to look and swim just like live bait. The profile of the body and tail is so accurately matched and anatomically scaled, it sets a new industry standard to match-the-hatch. The tail is precisely fitted with a strategically engineered oscillator that generates a side-to-side tail swing action. Every swimbait has its own signature action, making it come alive and swim just like its natural counterpart.

LIVETARGET Length Weight Class
  • Common Shiner 4" 3/4oz Medium-slow sink
  • Common Shiner 5" 1-1/3oz Medium-slow sink
  • Common Shiner 6" 2-1/4oz Medium-slow sink
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