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Spinner Bait Lures

We like to think of our numerous fishing products as members of a family. Each of our products has a role and place in the world of fishing and many are related and depend on each other to work correctly. Our spinner bait lures perform similarly to some of our other products. These lures are used to mimic other smaller fish and prey. What makes them different is their ability to spin like a propeller, creating motion and friction in the water. This movement allows these spinner bait lures to create enough vibration in the water to attract larger fish like bass, pikes, and perch. Shop spinner bait for fishing if you’re looking to attract those more desirable fish.

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War Eagle - Night Time

War Eagle


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7 colors, 3 sizes
  • +2 more
  • 3/4
  • 1/2
  • 3/8

Killer Blade Spinner Bait II - Farang Ba Creations

Farang Ba Creations


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5 sizes
  • Gold/Blue
  • Blue/Gold
  • Gold/Black
  • Black/Orange
  • Gold/Orange