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Small Overflow Tube Screen - TH Marine

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Performs as a functional and economical overflow drain tube
Made of all marine grade PVC construction for long life
Sure sealing of livewell / baitwell drain
Makes draining livewell / baitwell easier than a plug
Tubes available for multiple size fittings to cover every size of livewell drain
Custom lengths of tube available for boat builders to fit your livewell capacity
Aftermarket versions come with screen loose, so they can be cut to best length
Straight tubes are designed for draining through floor
90 degree tubes are designed for draining through side wall
#1 CHOICE FOR LIVEWELL DRAIN TUBES IN THE INDUSTRY. T-H Marine pioneered the use of the overflow drain tube for boat livewells. The original overflow drain tubes are still the best in the industry. Our tubes provide a very functional way to plumb a livewell. Using our overflow tubes means you only need one hole in the livewell and one fitting to serve as both the overflow and the drain. Instead of reaching into the water and getting wet to pull a drain plug, you simply pull the tube out from the top and draining begins.

Outside diameter of 1 1/2" overflow drain tube boot and tube is 1 5/8", outside diameter of 1 1/8" overflow drain tube boot and tube is 15/16"

Push-in Tubes

These overflow drain tubes feature a tough, flexible vinyl plastic end with a standpipe of white PVC tubing. To use, simply insert vinyl end into the opening of thru-hull fitting. To drain livewell or baitwell, simply remove. This unique drain tube seals much better than any other overflow on the market and removal is much easier.

NOTE: Any tube can be cut to custom length for boat manufacturers**. Specify the desired length by adding it at the end of any part number. For example, to request an 8" length of the ODT-1, the correct part number is ODT-1-8. **THIS IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR ONLINE ORDERS.

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